Apynys (Hop)

KUKU SMF 013, 2002

Vilnius folklore ansamble APYNYS (HOP) is one of most active in Lithuania. The members of the Group who work at organizations that deal with geological issues take part in city fests, festivals, radio and TV shows. APYNYS performed in Egypt, Greece, Georgia, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia, Germany and Austria. The Group presents music, songs and dances of the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century’s from two ethnic regions of Lithuania – Aukštaitija and Dzūkija. Musicians play on accordion, fiddle, country bass (basetle), nine-stringed zither (kanklės), Lithuanian kind of Pan-pipes (skudučiai), wooden horns(ragai), reed-pipe (birbynė), recorder (lamzdelis), jaw’s harp (dambrelis) and other authentic instruments. 4-page booklet in lithuanian and english.

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